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The Happiness Index
opening May 23, 2019 at ARTag Gallery in Helsinki
Beth Sutherland's False Front, size 1.
EAB logo Solid Black  Our booth at the Editions & Artists' Book Fair 2017, Featuring Beth Sutherland & Tuukka Peltonen

17 distinct sizes are central to our format,

stimulating creativity in composition

both in the making & the placement of the work.

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Christopher Coltzau
Coltzau.9.2018.V detail
Detail of one of 5 new size 9's available. Spoon-printed from carved cuttingboards.

TRUTHINESS, DA.  Discordant Abstractions, Dubious Americans






 Our fisrt solo artist portfolio PATIERNO premiered at the historic Bronxville Women's Club

B R I D G E  L I G H T S 


with woodcuts by the COMMUNITY of SLEEPY HOLLOW, NY


Honoring bridge building in our community.  Read the New York Times article here!
Richard Gettler
photo credit, Richard Gettler
For this project, all were invited to contribute woodcut by attending any of 6 free workshops throughout the summer at Warner Library.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
100 lanterns featuring work by 54 participants were illuminated at Circus Latino along with the Bridgebuilder portfolio.



Kent Ambler "Go, Go, Go", block 24" x 25 1/2", edition 12.


Inspired by New York State's most ambitious public work of the 21st Century:
Read the New York Times article here!
So what is a green dog galloping through an inky field of black doing in a portfolio called Bridgebuilder?
That’s woodcut artist Kent Ambler’s interpretation of stamina, a subtheme he chose from one of 17 totemic word-sets we've dubbed non-materials for building infrastructure & flow. 
Ronnie Rysz, Point of Contact from Bridgebuilder, size 5.

Builderblocks in action at Garrison Art Center's "Rollin' on the River" steamroller printing event.

Master printer Pepe Coronado & t17 pieced together 185 blocks to make a 7' print inspired by crane flags.

Pepe rollin sm

Coronado inks our "crane flag", by over 25 "builderblock" artists




Addie w Bridgebuilder

 A member of our junior staff in our tent at the Sleepy Hollow Street Fair.  Will trade Bridgebuilder Portfolio for candy.


 Ttown street fair

Pitching our tent and our portfolios at the Tarrytown Street Fair June 1st with The Hudson Independent.




A selection from the UV Portfolio as seen at Matteawan Gallery in Beacon, NY.

#10 Ayers, #6 Carcamo, #17 Albert, #5 Magyar, #11 Bradford, #2 Moss



 A selection from the 17tugs Portfolio, on view at ArtsWestchester in White Plains, NY. Spring 2014



"Creative Fracking", an article about the UV Portfolio & the rewards of studio time with constraints & cohorts.

Featured in the April 2014 issue of The HAND Magazine.  



Artists select their blocks for the UV Portfolio project.